Software Engineer
Bengt Ove Sannes
Oslo, Norway
Fitness gaming on your phone or tablet

Developed mobile app and tooling on

. Backend is built with and includes automated testing and full pipeline. Modern UI built with . The platform's distribution system allows for rapid iterations of games, without relying on updates through AppStore. UE programming utilizes both C++ and Blueprints for an optimal blend of runtime performance and development time. Multiplayer servers are orchestrated on Kubernetes.

Interactive map with POV videos of MTB trails

Post production architect

Developed pipeline for turning 360° raw footage to finalized film in just an hour.

Developed frontend + backend

Using Vue, Open Street Map and more.


Shredding trails with a GoPro 360 Max on the helmet.

Slash transfer times and storage costs in post-production

Desktop app for reducing data amounts after editing from terabytes to gigabytes. Developed in Swift for MacOS.

HF Delivery
Slick and easy post-production review and distribution platform. New uploads are instantly playable, with lossless processing.

The initial version of HF Delivery was built in 2007, when video on the web was still difficult. The latest iteration is optimized to handle a mix of formats - from 2:35 to vertical 9:16 and beyond, as is required for most commercial work today.

HF Live
Sub-second high quality streaming

Allows realtime collaboration in post-production over the internet. Much higher quality than regular video conferencing platforms. Used for everything from offline editing to color grading, vfx and detailed graphics work.