Whenever a film leaves the edit suite, a lot of time is spent on collecting the raw material and passing in on to grade or online departments.
Conformist automates the task of finding media files based on EDL or XML sequences, and lets you move the matching media files to any folder, ftp, web site, transcoder or editor that supports drag and drop.

The Conformist Help describes exact usage.

Conformist is currently being tested in real production environments, and should be available in the Mac App Store soon. Please contact Click here to show email address if you want to participate in testing.

Sending films to a colorist

The last sessions in the editing suite might be the most tense part of any post production process, but when everyone is happy, it’s time to pass the film on to the finishing specialists. While uncompressed audio can be embedded directly in the OMF or AAF files passed to the sound department, things are usually a bit more tricky when dealing with XML or EDL sequences in the visual domain.


Conformist 2.0 is free to try

Conformist 2.0 is now available in the Mac App Store, and the headline feature is that it is now free to to try for a limited number of clips. The unlimited version of the App is available as an instant upgrade inside the app. Owners of previous versions can click the Restore button to unlock.

Another new feature in this version is type, size and date columns for media files. Clicking on the column headers lets you sort the files in various ways, to separate raw from proxies etc.

Head over to the Mac App Store to try Conformist now.

Conformist available in Mac App Store

Conformist is now available in Mac App Store. It was submitted last Thursday and cleared the review process by Friday morning.

Conformist is made to significantly reduce the time needed to find and process media files for film projects. It matches one or more EDL/XML files against one or more folders of media files and lists all files matching EDL reel name, EDL clip name or XML filename.

The matching files can then be dragged to Finder, FTP, web sites, video editors, transcoding software or anything else that support drag and drop.

Conformist is available worldwide in Mac App Store for $39.99