Notification Levels

Do Not Disturb mode has been around on iPhone since 2014. It’s a great way to turn of sounds and vibrations at night, but it’s pretty much an all-or-nothing solution. Yes, it can make exceptions for your Favorite contacts, but there are definitively situations where you would like something in between.

That is why you need Notification Levels.

I wake up in the morning and disable Do Not Disturb. This means all notifications are enabled, and I can catch up on the news, snaps, tweets and everything else during breakfast.

When I get to work and need to focus, I set Do Not Disturb to 1, which will silence all notifications on level 1. In my case, these are from Facebook, other social media apps and all just-for-fun apps. Calls from numbers not in my contacts list is also blocked at this level.

If I have an important meeting, I will set Do Not Disturb to 2. This means only important notifications will get through. My boss, for instance, should still be able to call me.


When I get home from work, I set Do Not Disturb to 3. At this level, only friends and family are able to reach me.

And finally, when I go to sleep, I set it to 4, which will only let my family through.

The Oslo logo

The city of Oslo recently published a presentation headlined “Proposal for renewed coat of arms (Forslag til fornyet byv√•pen)”. The proposal above caused quite an uproar, as both politicians and the general public were worried what would happen to the old one.

As a designer and a citizen of Oslo, I was offended my self. I understand the old coat of arms is not great as a small logo, but we still have colors in 2018, right? I had to give it a shot: