Sending films to a colorist

The last sessions in the editing suite might be the most tense part of any post production process, but when everyone is happy, it’s time to pass the film on to the finishing specialists. While uncompressed audio can be embedded directly in the OMF or AAF files passed to the sound department, things are usually a bit more tricky when dealing with XML or EDL sequences in the visual domain.

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Handling raw material

I just went through a nightmare, conforming a short project shot on GoPro. What should have been a one hour job took two full days to do, because the framerates were wrong and there were ten sets of files with the same names and no timecode. The grading had to be postponed, and the client wasn’t too happy with the additional conform costs neither …
The production clearly lacked an experienced D.I.T., but a few simple steps could have kept the production on track and on budget.

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